Braver Angels Arkansas

Braver Angels ( is a citizen's organization uniting red and blue Americans in a working alliance to depolarize America

Our Goal

Our goal is to establish a vibrant and active organization in Arkansas as we seek to reach across the political divide and develop greater respectful communications and, where feasible, collaborations to help solve problems facing our state and nation.

Braver Angels is a citizens’ organization uniting red and blue Americans in a working alliance to depolarize America. We try to understand the other side’s point of view, even if we don’t agree with it. We engage those we disagree with, looking for common ground and ways to work together. We support principles that bring us together rather than divide us.

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  State Co-Coordinators:  

David Childs & Glen White 

 Alliance Co-Chairs:  

Lisa McNeir  -

Ray Hanley - 


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Civil Conversations series: Co-sponsored by Braver Angels Arkansas & CALS


Does current political polarization and animosity make you afraid of talking about politics? Are your relationships suffering because of deeply divided views? Do you believe that the continued health of our democratic republic requires we work together to find common ground while maintaining respect for our differences? If so, come meet and talk with like-minded people who are committed to having honest but respectful discussions about political issues.

 Series schedule: We meet at 6:30-7:45 pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month through October 2024 at the CALS Fletcher library annex at 823 N. Buchanan in Little Rock (501-663-5457). The next meeting is July 10.  This month’s topic will be chosen by the audience from one of these three:  1) free market capitalism vs. regulations & a social safety net; 2) law enforcement changes; 3) freedom of speech & its limits.

Email for details or questions

The Civil Conversation Series:  Braver Angels Arkansas (BAAR) and the Central Arkansas Library System (CALS) present Civil Conversations, a monthly series of conversations about politics and related topics. We welcome citizens who seek a respectful, safe environment in which to listen with curiosity to others and to speak effectively about their own views. Moderators from BAAR, trained by Braver Angels, will provide skills training and coaching while encouraging all to maintain a civil and respectful approach to our conversations.  Anyone willing to commit to respectfully listening to others, and to sharing your own views with respect, is welcome. We will follow a specific format, and moderators will help ensure all participants follow guidelines for civil discussion. No registration is needed to attend, though you may contact us if you plan to attend so we can send you training information and handouts ahead of time for your review. 

Goals of this series: 

•   Develop and practice communication skills

•   Elevate respect for individual differences; promote understanding and tolerance

•   Identify common points of view or interest


On July 28, 2023, Braver Angels in Arkansas celebrated over 5 years of working in Arkansas to reduce political polarization, teaching communication and conflict resolution skills, and helping interested citizens to engage with each other respectfully in a search for common ground.  This was a social event held in downtown Little Rock, and a variety of folks from the local community shared snacks, drinks and pleasant conversation. Here’s to at least 5 more years!

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