National Podcasts

The Braver Angels Podcast: Braver Angels leaders interview a variety of national figures and experts, with frank but respectful conversations.

A Braver Way podcast with Monica Guzman: A podcast about how you can disagree about politics without losing heart.

Will Trump Run in 2024? | Robert Gibbs and Rick Wilson with Ciaran O’Connor


Will Donald Trump run again in 2024? Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and Lincoln Project Co-Founder Rick Wilson join Ciaran O’Connor for a wide-ranging discussion.

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From the Depolarization Movement to the U.S. Senate? | Steven Olikara with John Wood Jr.


U.S. Senate candidate Steven Olikara has already had an impact on American democracy. He joins John Wood, Jr. on the Braver Angels Podcast.

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Braver Politics is Live! Plus: Seeing the Unseen | Rev. Mark Beckwith with Ciaran O’Connor


Ciaran O’Connor introduces Braver Politics and interviews the former bishop of Newark about religion and politics.

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President Trump, Ukraine, & the Future of Conservatism: Reds Discuss | Steve Saltwick, Marc Ang, & Paul N. with April Kornfield


Four Reds with different views of President Trump debate how conservatives should think about the former president.

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Bridging the Divide in the North Carolina General Assembly | John Torbett & Becky Carney with Ciaran O’Connor 


Representatives Becky Carney (D) and John Torbett (R) of the North Carolina General Assembly discuss how politicians can work together to foster trust, citizenship, and goodwill.

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The Musical Life of Coleman Hughes | with Alma Cook


You may know of Coleman “Coldxman” Hughes as a podcaster and writer—but have you heard his music? Alma Cook asks him about his musical past, present, and future.

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Racism, Colorism, & the Complicated Legacy of Hollywood | Joy Donnell with John Wood Jr.


The racial dynamics of American life have been reflected—or perhaps distorted—by entertainment. Joy Donnell and John Wood Jr. explore this legacy of Hollywood.

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The Power of Curiosity | Mónica Guzmán with Ciaran O’Connor


We think we have the answers—but what happens when we start asking more questions? Mónica Guzmán chats with Ciaran O’Connor about her new book, I Never Thought of It That Way.

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Cocaine, Black L.A. and the Story of Lorenzo Murphy | with John Wood Jr.


Freeway Rick Ross’ once right hand man Lorenzo Murphy recalls the crack era.

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Can We Talk About Class? | Annette Ritter & Len Breslow


Annette is a school-of-hard-knocks grandma from rural Maryland. Len is a retired cognitive psychologist from the suburbs. Here, they share their experiences with social class and explore the depth of America’s class divide.

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Straight Outta the Black Bourgeoisie | John Sibley Butler with John Wood Jr.


Professor John Sibley Butler shares lessons from the black bourgeoisie.

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