Arkansas Events

Might your organization, club, or church like to hear more about Braver Angels Arkansas? We are happy to speak with your group or leadership about our mission. We can also provide training through a variety of the Braver Angels workshops. Contact us for more information or if you have any questions: or

September 18 Program in Hot Springs Village

David Childs, State Co-coordinator for Braver Angels Arkansas, is leading a workshop on "The Golden Rule: How to Live It," Monday, September 18, at 1:00pm at the Village United Methodist Church, 200 Carmona Rd. in Hot Springs Village. Contact David at for details or questions.


September 21 workshop in Little Rock:


Courageous Conversations: A Workshop on Civil Discourse to foster understanding


September 21, 2023, 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Trinity Cathedral Episcopal Church, Morrison Hall
310 West 17th Street, Little Rock, AR

An introductory workshop presented as part of Arkansas Peace Week activities to teach skills that foster understanding, seek common ground, and rebuild trust and respect. This workshop is based on principles of Braver Angels, a non - profit citizen’s organization that works to depolarize our communities. We try to understand others’ points of view, even if we don’t agree, by learning to listen to each other’s values and intentions. This workshop serves as a kickoff to a planned series of civil conversations to be held monthly at Fletcher Library this fall.


For more information, contact moderator Lisa McNeir, Braver Angels Arkansas alliance co-chair, at or Glen White at

Fall, 2023 & into 2024: Civil Conversations series scheduled in conjunction with Central Arkansas Library System (CALS)


Braver Angels Arkansas (BAAR) is excited to announce a new event this fall in collaboration with CALS that seeks to promote civil conversations across the political aisle by using a well-structured and moderated series of conversations with interested citizens. Our aim is to provide a safe environment that allows persons willing to commit to mutual respect and listening to have real, productive conversations on potentially difficult topics in politics. Participants will learn and practice communication and conflict resolution skills as we seek to understand the positions of others, while we seek common ground. Each session will follow a structured format, led by BAAR trained moderators. This series of monthly meetings will be held at Fletcher library (823 N Buchanan). Starting date and other details will be announced soon, so stay tuned. For more information, contact Glen White at or David Childs at

The “kickoff” event for this civil conversation series is a presentation - Courageous Conversations: A Workshop on Civil Discourse - led by Lisa McNeir, moderator and co-chair of the Braver Angels Arkansas alliance, as part of Arkansas Peace Week activities. The workshop will be held on Thursday, Sept 21 from 5:30-6:30pm at Trinity Cathedral Episcopal Church, Morrison Hall, 310 West 17th Street, Little Rock, AR. For more information on this event, contact Lisa at or Glen at

September 30 Zoom workshop on Depolarizing Within, jointly sponsored by West South Central region Braver Angels (AR, LA, NM, OK, TX).

Tired of the divisive and angry rhetoric across the political divide? So are we, and we can all do better, especially if we value civil behavior in our politics. See information below about Braver Angels' September 30 Depolarizing Within workshop, a joint virtual effort by partners in the West South Central region (AR, LA, NM, OK, TX). Learn skills for helping reduce polarizing conversations that you can use with your friends, family and fellow citizens. Join us! Register now to attend:

Other upcoming events by Braver Angels Arkansas include: 

·   Sept. 19: David Childs presents on Braver Angels and its mission to the Jonesboro Rotary Club

·   October 2: David Childs and Summer Lollie provide training to staff, faculty and students at the University of Central Arkansas on skills for depolarizing yourself and your group

·   Nov. 7: Glen White and Ray Hanley present on Braver Angels and its mission to the Stuttgart Rotary Club