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Might your organization, club, or church like to hear more about Braver Angels Arkansas or learn about research on political polarization and possible solutions? We are happy to speak with your group or leadership about our mission and can tailor the content and length for your needs. We can also provide training through a variety of the Braver Angels workshops. Contact us for more information or if you have any questions: 

December, 2023 to October, 2024 - The Civil Conversation Series:  

Braver Angels Arkansas (BAAR; and Central Arkansas Library System (CALS) present Civil Conversations, a monthly series of conversations about politics and related topics. We welcome citizens who seek a respectful, safe environment in which to listen with curiosity to others and to speak effectively about their own views. Moderators from BAAR, trained by Braver Angels, will provide skills training and coaching while helping facilitate a civil and respectful approach to our conversations.  Anyone willing to commit to respectfully listening to others and to sharing your own views with respect is welcome. You must be willing to abide by the format and guidelines outlined below. No registration is needed to attend, but you may contact us ahead of time if you plan to attend so we can send you training materials and handouts for your review. 

 Series schedule: We meet at 6:30-7:45 pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month through October 2024 at the CALS Fletcher library annex at 823 N. Buchanan in Little Rock (501-663-5457). The next meeting is Wednesday, June 12. 

Email us at for details or if you have questions.


Goals of this series: 

•   Develop and practice communication skills

•   Elevate respect for individual differences; promote understanding and tolerance

•   Identify common points of view or interest


•   Respect all participants

•   Listen with curiosity to understand the other person’s views

•   Resist effort to change others’ attitudes or beliefs

•   Acknowledge possible weaknesses of your own views & legitimate points of others

•   Allow moderators to assist in maintaining workshop focus


Series format:

1.     Introductions, overviews of goals, guidelines, format, & skills

2.     Moderated topic discussion & skills coaching: 

3. Moderators and participants evaluate the evening's conversation. 


 For more information, email: 

Upcoming events by Braver Angels Arkansas: 

2024 dates & locations to be determined:  Workshops for "Skills for Bridging the Divide" & "Depolarizing Within"