Local News

Here are links to a few media events related to our activity in Arkansas:

Our Red-Blue workshop was featured on a local TV program (KTHV’s “The Vine”). For a video of the appearance by state coordinators April Chatham-Carpenter and Glen White, click here. 

This story about our local Alliance of Braver Angels appeared in an issue of the Arkansas Catholic.

Check out this 2020 column by Philip Martin about Braver Angels in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

State Coordinator Glen White was interviewed by John Coffin on KABF-FM 88.3 community radio in Little Rock about Braver Angels.  Here is a link to the 25-minute recording, which includes an overview of Braver Angels and political polarization.

Extreme political polarization has many negative effects, but one of the most dangerous is its potential to endanger our democratic form of government. Local Braver Angels moderator Jerry Henderson provides an excellent overview of the research and thinking currently informing the discussion about what polarization in the US may do to degrade our government and society. Recommended reading. 

April Chatham-Carpenter of UA-Little Rock and Glen White presented on political polarization research and Braver Angels on Friday, April 24, 2020. It was our second online project, one of many we undertook during the COVID pandemic when we were not doing in-person events. Check it out here.

Our earliest published oped piece locally was this editorial from the July 12, 2018 edition of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper in which we describe the mission of Braver Angels and the problems related to political polarization that we seek to solve. 

Another early guest column as the Braver Angels Arkansas alliance (Reaching Across the Political Divide  ) was written by our first state coordinator Cindy Kyser and was published in Arkansas Business on Monday, July 29, 2019.

This guest editorial, titled Bridge the divide: Polarization imperils democracy, was written by Jerry Henderson and Glen White and published as a Special to the Democrat-Gazette on December 7, 2019.  The article reviews key research on how polarization threatens our democratic system and society.

Another guest oped by our state co-coordinators was this Guest Editorial in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on Saturday, August 13, 2022, in which we note both alarming and encouraging signs seen in our society related to polarization. Recommendations for how to reduce conflict and extreme polarization are offered.  

Here's another guest editorial from leaders in our Braver Angels Arkansas alliance, published in the Thursday, February 16, 2023 edition of Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. In it we discuss the critical value of civil, respectful regard for our fellow citizens in order for our democratic government to function.